Baby CBS

    For babies 0-12 months, we offer babysitting by paid babysitters and volunteers in a warm and loving environment. Our Baby CBS bible teaching program is offered in some classes for the 12-24 month toddler. It highlights play in a creative and loving environment. The little ones gather together on a blanket and we share a very simple picture Bible, sing and have a snack.

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    Level 1 - Preschool CBS

    For ages 2-5, the Preschool Children’s Ministry is composed of three 1 year courses which contain 30 lessons to match the number of weeks in our yearly session.  Each lesson includes our Bible story for the week and also the aim, craft, memory verse and worship songs which all complement one another. Creativity is encouraged through playtime, drama and skits, singing and special projects.

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    Levels 2 & 3 - School Age

    For ages 6-13 (grades 1-8), these Old and New Testament studies are designed to engage children with the Bible and apply what they learn at their own level. Each lesson includes home study questions, facilitated group discussion, a short talk, memory verse, prayer, and an atmosphere of love and care that makes learning easy and fun. 

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    Level 4 - Teen CBS

    Youth classes are designed similarly to the school age and adult studies. Leaders provide a safe and comfortable environment for high school students to engage together with God's Word. The lessons, discussion, short talk, and commentary encourage them to apply what they are learning about God to their lives.

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