Adult Classes

We offer daytime or evening women, men, and co-ed classes

  • Classes typically meet once a week for about two hours in total, over the course of 30 weeks, from September to May

  • The study materials you’ll be given contain questions that relate to what’s being studied. Each week you’ll read and answer these questions prior to attending the class.

  • On class day members gather in small groups of 10-15 people called Core Groups where they get to know one another and discuss their lessons together. Each core group is facilitated by a trained leader.  A class may have one Core Group or several Core Groups.

  • This is followed by a 15-30 minute large group teaching given by a trained Teaching Director. These teachings, and the written professional commentary that you take home, offer additional insights into the week’s passage. You’ll be challenged to apply what you’ve learned to your daily life.

  • Babysitting and/or Children's program are offered in some adult classes

  • We strive to ensure that each CBS member from the youngest to the oldest feels comfortable, cared for and confident as they learn about Biblical truth.  Once-a-month fellowship meals for core groups are incorporated into your class time. These special times of sharing are designed to build relationships between group members.

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Classes in other languages 

Our cities, neighbourhoods, schools and communities are multicultural, and it’s our desire to bring the life-transforming benefits of an in-depth Bible study to people whose first language is not English.  CBS offers Bible study materials in 66 languages, and there are classes in Canada doing their study in Chinese and other languages.  

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Church classes

There are several classes run by churches as part of their Christian Education ministry. All leaders are trained and nurtured by CBS Canada to build a class atmosphere that reflects God's loving heart to all their members.

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