Registration Payment

Thank you for choosing to join a CBS study this year! Registration fees are: Adult $35, Child $10. Please indicate your Class Name in the comment section and your personal address.


Over the years people have been very generous giving to CBS Canada where people study the Word of God and the lessons are available to all, regardless of their ability to pay. We thank all of you who have contributed to CBS Canada in the past.

Our lessons are translated into over 70 languages so people all over the world can engage in our studies. Lives here in Canada and around the world are being transformed because of these studies.

God calls us to help in many different ways. Prayer is one and we value your prayers for CBS Canada. He also calls us to contribute in other ways - through being a student of the Word yourself and to support the ministry through a variety of ways.

  • Cash Gifts - in your class
  • By Cheque - to Community Bible Study Canada
  • PayPal Online - click the button below

Our class registration fees provide for some of our financial needs at CBS Canada. Generous contributions and donations support the ministry as a whole. All giving is voluntary. At the class level, if someone is in need of help, others provide. We do not turn anyone away from studying the Word of God with us. All financial conversations are done in confidence.

Our audited financial statements can be viewed here.