Starting a Class

If there is no CBS class near you, you may be interested in finding out how to start one. A Community Bible Study class begins with a group of people wanting to begin a Bible Study group in their community. The group begins by praying to seek the Lord’s will about establishing a class.

In order to help groups through the process of decision making, we offer an 8 week course called ‘If You Will Pray’, based on the book of Nehemiah. The study examines the biblical basis for topics such as the role of prayer; assessing the potential in your community; calling leadership; dealing with opposition; and the transforming nature of God’s Word. Information about CBS is included under each topic as well as weekly prayer suggestions.

Groups in the formation stages are helped by an Area Shepherd. This person will pray, answer questions, shepherd the group, and determine when leaders are ready to be trained. Once the class forms, the Area Shepherd continues to guide the leadership by making regular visits and phone calls.

For more information on starting a class or to learn more about where new classes may be starting, please contact the CBS Canada Office at or at 905-709-9956.