The CBS 5-Way Study Method

glasses on bibleThe CBS method includes individual study, group discussion and relevant teaching which challenges the member to apply the truth from the passage to their life. As well, each lesson includes an insightful commentary that makes the passage clear and understandable. Being exposed 4 times to the passage being studied is a powerful study method.

  1. Individual Study
  2. Class members answer the study questions on their own using their Bible. The lessons consist of questions divided into daily segments and include memorization of portions of related Scripture.

  3. Group Discussion
  4. The members then gather weekly in a common meeting place. They discuss the answers to their home-study questions in a small group. Each group is led by a trained leader who facilitates the discussion and in a loving manner helps the group members connect with each other.

  5. Concise Teaching
  6. After the discussion, the class members listen to a short lecture on the passage by the class Teaching Director. The teaching stresses illustration and application of the passage to our lives.

  7. Commentary
  8. A printed commentary written by a Bible scholar is then provided. Reading this gives the class member further insights and thoughts on how to apply what they have learned from the passage.

  9. A Caring Environment
  10. The 5th component of study with CBS Canada is that this happens in a caring environment where leaders lovingly aim to make each member feel cared for and comfortable as they grow confident in the study of the Word.